Memorix Anatomy – 2 nd edition

Memorix Anatomy – 2 nd edition
Autor: Hudák Radovan
ISBN: 978-80-7553-415-6
EAN: 9788075534156
Počet stran: 632
Datum vydání: 29. 9. 2017
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Běžná cena: 1 199 Kč Cena: 959 Kč


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The world’s newest comprehensive book of human anatomy with complete English and Latin terminology. Memorix Anatomy is a perfect example of a student-friendly textbook with a modern design and didactic approach. Written by medical students, anatomists and medical doctors, this textbook summarizes important information from general, special and topographic anatomy. All the important anatomical facts and principles are covered in this 600-page text, supported by 1500 simple illustrative schemes. The original Memorix educational system has been created in collaboration with experts in adult learning and implemented in this book.

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