Introduction to internal medicine

Introduction to internal medicine
Autor: Mlíková Seidlerová Jitka
ISBN: 978-80-7553-834-5
Počet stran: 496
Datum vydání: 16. 9. 2020
Odkazy ke knize:
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Vazba: vázaná
Běžná cena: 899 Kč Cena: 719 Kč


The book Introduction to Internal Medicine is a useful tool for the study of internal medicine both for medical students and doctors starting specialist training. The main content is internal propaedeutics, i.e. instructions on how to properly take a medical history and conducting physical examinations in particular fields of internal medicine. In addition, it provides information about the most common imaging and laboratory methods used in these fields. Special chapters are devoted to situations that an internist may encounter on a daily basis, namely: examination of a patient with a suspected sudden abdominal event, basics of neurological examination, which the internist should manage, nutrition issues and monitoring of patients in intensive care.

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